Andrea is a results driven speaker with over 10 years of experience in coaching on personal and business relationships with an "out-of-the-box" and extremely real approach. She also hosts workshops and coaches one-on-one.


M  Men Do you truly understand men?

What are their fantasies?
Do men really go through stages in their lives?

Equal         … but not the same
Are men afraid of strong, confident, successful women
Why do so many marriages end in divorce? The Single Professional Women Phenomenon
Marriage/Relationship Killers
N Needs How is the emotional climate of your relationship?
Do you know what his needs are?
Have you shared your needs with him?
Or are you afraid of coming across as too “high-maintenance”?

Get your sexy back Do you compare yourself to the “Ultimate Woman”?
What do men really find attractive and appealing in women?

Language Do you ever wonder if you and your partner, co-worker, boss, father, son, etc. are actually speaking the same language?
Do you know the biggest mistakes women make when talking to men?

I Inner Life How do men think?
What is the one thing that your man wishes for but feels he cannot explain or tell you?

S       Sexuality Why is this topic still “sticky” in the States?
Let’s talk about sex!
Sexuality in a Christian Marriage

Happily Ever After Create the marriage/relationship of your dreams
Understand and appreciate the differences between men and women and build your marriage/relationship on a solid foundation of love, respect and trust.                                 

Our Mission Statement: 

Providing positive, creative and loving solutions for bringing more love and intimacy into marriages and committed relationships.

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