See what Andrea's coaching clients have to say:

"When we added newborn twins to our marriage my husband and I started to lose sight of the reasons we fell in love. Andrea helped us re-focus. She encouraged me to value my marriage and my husband for who he is. After coaching we can communicate with each other and raise our children in a peaceful household."

Kathryn, Plano TX     April 2012

"I cannot say enough good things about Andrea.  She has a unique gift for understanding the male mind and how to relate to it.  Before I met her, I had tried couple and individual counseling and I had read numerous books that had been recommended to me by professionals and lay people trying to offer relationship advice, but nothing had given me what working with her has - a new hope for my life.

Life had dealt my husband and me some heavy blows and although we were committed to each other, we had lost our ability to connect with one another.  Working with Andrea helped me to view myself and my self worth in a whole new light.  This enabled me to see my husband in a whole new light as well and set us on a path to the kind of marriage that I was wanting.  A marriage where I felt valued and pursued and desired."

Whitney S., Dallas TX   April 2012

I was thrilled to meet Andrea and instantly bonded with her. After what seemed like a year of bickering with my husband, Andrea helped us both to see through the noise and get back to being best friends with benefits. We understand each other better and respect each others space. Our entire family has benefited from our renewed love. Our children are happy when they see mommy and daddy happy. 

Elizabeth O., Dallas TX April 2012

Before working with Andrea, my marriage was very cold. My husband and I felt like we were managing a business, not building a relationship. We were pretty much at the end when we reached out to Andrea. Through engaged conversation and homework assignments, Andrea helped us relate to each other again and better than before! I've really noticed a difference in my perception toward my husband. With Andrea's help, I'm able to see that many of our issues were caused simply by the differences in men and women rather than inherent flaws in the other person. We now enjoy regular date nights, communicate more effectively, and really appreciate each other for our differences as well as our similarities. Now, when we have disagreements, our discussions are civil and filtered through respect. The intimacy we share in our marriage is much more meaningful and fulfilling than it was even in the beginning.  I'm not sure where we would be without Andrea's relationship coaching. Her techniques saved our marriage! 

J. Daily, Fort Worth TX  April 2012

See what attendees of Andrea's seminar
“What Your Mother Never Told You About Men, Love, Relationships And Sex” had to say: 

"Andrea has a way of drawing you in and making you feel comfortable.  She delivers her message with humor and passion.  Her care and concern for women is obvious.  Her ability to make you feel at ease and laugh while learning is wonderful!  Andrea is comfortable talking about topics that others shy away from and she does it with such style.  You will thoroughly enjoy her presentation while walking away with valuable information and tips and ideas that you can put into place right away!"
- Claire Garlick, Double Oak, TX
"I learned so much about relationships, love, womanly empowerment, and so much more, that I had to book another session for me and my friends and pass on this knowledge to all the women I know and love! We will giggle, bond and learn! Come join me, and become empowered to better yourself, your relationships and love life! You will be so surprised!" 
- Chelsea Miller, Southlake, TX
"Andrea is a real gem. She really understands the day-to-day challenges in relationships and marriages. With lots of humor she makes you feel at ease, you understand that you are not alone and she will give you hands-on advice that will make a difference the minute you get home." - Julie Garrison, Colleyville, TX
"I assure you, Andrea will be a household name in the not too distant future. She is one promising coach!" - Trina McCoy, Grapevine, TX
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