What do men really think about love, intimacy, and commitment?

In her talks and workshops Andrea cuts through the psychobabble of self-help books and articles in women’s magazines, and tells like it is with a no-nonsense approach to the realities of dating and marriage.

  • Do you wish you could speak "Men-glish" and have every conversation with a man turn out great?
  • Do you want to know what a good man is really looking for in a partner?
  • Would you like to get more affection from your partner from time to time? 
  • Could your sex-life occasionally be more fulfilling?

Attending Andrea's workshops will make you giggle, bond with other women and learn secrets about how to have a happy, thriving relationship that can change your life.

Most couples get married or enter a relationship because they find each other irresistible – they are in love. They did not marry each other because they communicated so clearly or resolved their conflicts effectively or did not fight.

If you are married

  • Are you still deeply in love with your partner?
  • Do you still like him?
  • Are you communicating poorly and resolving your conflicts ineffectively?
  • Would you like to know what makes your partner happy?
  • Would you like to learn what husbands and wives need from each other to trigger the feeling of love?

Learn how to fall in love all over again and stay in love with each otherBecome aware of each other’s emotional needs and learn to meet them.

If you are single

  • Improve your communication skills with any man in your life (father, son, co-worker, boss)
  • Learn how to be irresistible to most men
  • Find out whether you kissed the wrong frogs, or are maybe even a frog-farmer

Find Mr. Right and keep him.

Andrea Jones
(817) 919-3591

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